Privacy Policy

Client Data Transfer Policy

It is the policy of Kinetic IT Solutions, LLC to take all necessary precautions to protect client data during maintenance and upgrades of systems. All Kinetic employees and subcontractors must adhere to this policy in order to help insure that our client’s data is protected while in our possession.
Client data will only be transferred by Kinetic IT Solutions staff if necessary for a maintenance or upgrade to a client PC or server.
Username and Password information for client data will not be included in any transfer of data and will not be stored on any type of removable media.
No client data is to be transferred on unencrypted removable media (USB memory sticks, USB external drives, floppy disks, etc).
Kinetic will provide an encrypted USB memory stick or external hard drive to Kinetic staff for the purpose of transferring client data from one hard drive to another.
Immediately upon completion of the transfer, the client data will be moved to a Kinetic IT Solutions server at the Kinetic office and removed from the removable media.
Client data will be deleted from the Kinetic server 1 week after the final transfer of data has been completed.
(The data is held for 1 week in case of errors in transfer.)

Residential PC Services

Free Diagnostic – Kinetic IT Solutions will diagnose probable issue with hardware/software, etc free of charge. A technician will contact the owner with an estimated price of repair before starting any billable work on hardware, software\OS issues, etc. Verbal agreement by the client to proceed will be documented in the ticket and will be accepted as approval to move forward with the purchase of replacement parts (if applicable) and completion of repair.
Contact of Completion – The technician will contact the client at the phone number listed on PC Drop-Off form upon completion of the repair and will provide the invoice amount at that time.
Payment - We accept checks, cash and credit cards at this time. Payment is due upon completion of agreed service(s) and needs to be paid in full prior to release of equipment (unless contract client).

Abandoned Equipment Policy

Any equipment or peripherals not picked up from our facility within 30 days of the completion date will be considered abandoned and become property of Kinetic IT Solutions, LLC. We will store your item(s) for up to 14 days with no charge, after which we will apply a $50 storage fee. After 30 days of no communication we hold the right to sell off your item(s) in order to recover any losses on the services and products rendered on abandoned equipment. Kinetic IT Solutions, LLC reserves the right to liquidate abandoned equipment to cover any outstanding balance.